Our female dogs, and of course our puppies as well, share our house and garden and will be in constant contact with us, our children, their mother and other members of the pack. We devote all of our time to the puppies and will be with them on our “puppy parental leave” :-)


The puppies spend the first weeks of their lives in their birthing crate, in a quiet part of the house where they will not be disturbed by anything. They have constant contact with their mother and are under 24-hour supervision. Then we start the socialization process and familiarization with the outside world, where they have an outdoor playpen. There they have plenty of opportunities to play and explore the new world. They will also be able to explore all corners of the garden. The puppies are brought up with the knowledge that everything we give them during the first 8 weeks of their life will be very important for their future development, socialization, purity and their nature and security in new families.

From the 4th week of their lives, the puppies are already in the living room, where they encounter common household noises such as the vacuum cleaner, television, radio, doorbell, food processor, etc. Outside, they experience other sounds such as the birds singing, rustling grass, the wind, water, etc. that they will normally encounter in their lives. From the beginning of the 4th week of life, we welcome visitors; whether they be those interested in the new puppies or our friends. We teach the puppies how to interact with people, children and other animals, which influences their future development, so later they will have no problems communicating with people and other animals. We help the puppies get used to the collar and lead, which will be a normal part of their lives.


What we offer new owners:

  • a healthy and properly socialized puppy
  • continuing contact if you want it 
  • advice and assistance whenever you need it…


Each puppy from our kennel gets:

  • a purchase contract
  • pedigree certificate of the dog (in case it has not been issued by the Czech-Moravian Cynology Union (ČMKU) yet, it will be sent to the owner's address)
  • vaccination card (EU Pet Passport) – it will contain information about vaccinations, deworming, tattoo number/chipping
  • a copy of the parent's pedigree certificate
  • food for the first few days in the new home
  • a daily program – a breakdown of the feeding schedule and daily habits of the puppy
  • equipment – a collar, a toy, a blanket with the smell of the mother and the puppy’s siblings, treats, a CD (DVD) with photos and videos


What we expect from the new owners:

  • basic knowledge of the breed, its character, what it requires (if you are just becoming familiar with the breed, we will help you)
  • you should know what it takes to live with a dog, the joy and worry, cost and needs this entails and most importantly, that the Ridgeback will be your companion for about 14 years
  • we won’t sell a puppy that will be left in a pen or in the garden. It is a dear breed that needs contact and to have its pack (family) around. Only then can his wonderful nature manifest itself. It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or in a family house. If you make enough time and dedicate yourself to the Ridgeback, they will be your loyal companion. They require at least an hour walk each day – just leaving them in the garden is not enough.
  • we require at least one personal visit before taking the puppy so that we can get to know each other better and you can get to know the environment where the puppies grew up
  • picking the puppy up in person is a given
  • contact throughout the life of the dog – we would be very pleased if you are interested in informing us of all the joys, worries and progress that you encounter.


Puppy prices
The price of a puppy, although it may seem to be the most significant, is the smallest expense that you give the dog in their lives. We are breeders who care about where the puppies are from, if they are healthy and where they will go. We don’t want to earn money on puppies no matter what – we are mainly interested in placing them in good hands and making their new families happy.

The average price of Ridgeback puppies with a pedigree certificate is:

  • a standard puppy from an average breeding CZK 15,000–25,000 (EUR 600–1,000)
  • a standard puppy from a quality breeding and line CZK 25,000–50,000 (EUR 1,000–2,000)
  • a non-standard puppy CZK 10,000–15,000 (EUR 400–600)

The standard puppy meets all of the current requirements of the breed standard, making it likely that it will be able to breed in adulthood. These puppies are also suitable for exhibitions.

A non-standard puppy does not meet the requirements of the standard and so will not be able to breed or participate in exhibitions, but otherwise is healthy and has the typical characteristics of Rhodesian Ridgebacks. The most common defects for Ridgebacks are large crown shift, more or less crowns, too short or missing ridge, more white markings, kinked tail, bite defects, males without descending testicles.